Stonefruit Community Herbalists offer classes and workshops on and off site.  We have experience teaching herbalists, community members, people in various health fields, college students and children. Our workshops aim to be accessible to all, to address individual needs in the audience, and to deepen our understanding and connections to plants and plant medicine.

Upcoming Workshops

Herbs, Tarot, and Elemental Magic
Sunday, March 24th, 1–3 PM
Bantha Tea Bar – 5002 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, PA
Cost: $10-30 (no one turned away for lack of funds) – Register!
Guest Teacher: Kelly McCarthy

Earth, Air, Water, and Fire have long represented forces that shape our world – both physical and emotional. In this workshop, we’ll look at how these elements show up in tarot and plant magic. This workshop is great for anyone interested in developing their own intuition, and seeing what tarot has to offer as a means for self-empowerment. We will go over the four elements, some tarot basics including how to do a tarot reading for yourself and others, and which plants allies align with each element and suit. There will plenty of hands-on practice. If you can bring a tarot deck, that would be great. A few decks will be provided.

Guest Teacher Kelly McCarthy is a clinical herbalist in Philadelphia who likes teaching about herbal medicine, magic, and health in a way that keeps things simple and accessible. Find out more about Kelly at

Out-of-Town Workshops

Spiracular: a workshop for herbalists working with TGNC folx
Sunday, March 24th, 1–3 PM
521 Halsey St, Brooklyn, NY
Cost: $75-125 (scholarships available) – More Info!
Teacher: Vilde Chaya Fenster-Ehrlich

Many of us work with plant medicines to carry on the anti-oppressive, community-based, anti-authoritarian traditions of centuries of herbalists — a kind of medicine we need all the more today. Herbal care is especially sought in many trans and non-binary communities to get away from the hostile and disempowering treatment we often experience in the medical world, and to feel a greater sense of control of our bodies in a society that tries to shame, dominate and do violence to us. This workshop will help spread information that will let us offer high quality and empowering care and connection to the trans clients and communities in our lives. The material shared comes out of the collective knowledge, expression and experimentation of many trans folks over many years, as well as the plants, institutional medical research, the always helpful guiding star of sass, and just a touch of arcane herbal lore! The workshop will be practical, accessible, and, largely, fun.

Topics covered:

  • Hormone replacement therapies (HRT), the ways they work, risks and side effects, and how herbs can be supportive.
  • Responsibly navigating drug-herb interactions: understanding the ways drugs and herbs interact, and the particulars of supporting clients doing HRT without affecting their pharmaceutical regimen.
  • Pre- and post-operative surgical care for a variety of top and bottom surgeries.
  • Herbal supports for medical and non-medical gender-affirming practices.
  • Playing with gender and herbs: reflecting on the stories we have connecting gender, plants, bodies and medicines, and how these can be retold, used or subverted for survival, radical change and pleasure.
  • Gender-aware and gender-expansive logistics: practical approaches to welcome and serve trans and non-binary community for people who run herbal practices, teach, write, make products and build worlds.
  • Some political real talk about trans panic and vilification and the messages that support and weaponize the gender binary.
  • Time for your questions!

Book Us!

If you would like to book us for a class or workshop, please be in touch.  We love bringing our workshops to you and can tailor each class to your audience, time frame and topic.  If you don’t see a topic listed, please be in touch and we can work with you to develop a workshop with a different focus.

We have workshops prepared on the following topics:

  • Managing Chronic Pain with Herbs
  • Introduction to using Plant Medicine
  • Herbs 101
  • Herbal Support for Anxiety and Depression
  • Cease Fire: Herbs to Help with IBS, Irritable Bowel, Heartburn and Discomfort
  • Fix your Sleep Cycle Naturally with Herbs
  • Medicine Making- Herbal Teas, Tinctures, Salves, Syrups and Lip Balm
  • Growing Herbs- What to Grow and How to Grow it
  • Herbal Energetics: Matching the People to the Plants
  • Herbal First Aid
  • Plant and Weed Walks
  • Trans Self-Care with Herbs
  • Trans Competence and Herbal Support for Practitioners
  • Herbs for Sexual Health
  • Herbal Medicine for Childhood Ailments
  • Herbal Medicine through the Seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
  • Using Herbs for People Living with HIV
  • Botany for Beginners