The Stonefruit Community Herbalists provide free and sliding scale herbal consultations and plant medicine. We strive to offer accessible, empowering health care to strengthen our communities in the fight for social, racial, and environmental justice. To us, the ripening, juicy stone fruit represents full-hearted engagement with the struggle for wholeness and survival. It also represents the sweetness of our queer community.

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Throughout the COVID-19 epidemic, we are offering pay-what-you-can herbal care check-in’s via video or phone. Herbal formula drop-offs are available. Please email uma@wildcherries.org or vilde@wildcherries.org to set up an appointment.

To book an appointment, please email us at contact@wildcherries.org or call Uma at (216) 223-8621.

We offer one-on-one herbal consultations to clients, to discuss health issues, frame goals, and develop an herbal plan customized for your needs.

One-On-One Herbal Consultation – An initial, 90 minute consultation costs $120 (on a pay-what-you-can basis). Follow-up consultations are 45 minutes and cost $60. An herbal regimen can be tailored to your budget, typically costing $20-60 a month.

‘Pay What You Can’ – Stonefruit wants herbal care to be accessible to our entire community. Sliding scale appointments are available upon request. Please book with Jocelyn, and note “sliding scale” when you book — or just let her know in person.

30 Minute Care Check – A 30 minute care check is is good for acute conditions: colds, flus, or other acute illnesses, injuries (that don’t require immediate medical care) or for quick check ins. These appointments are also available for those wanting a specific herb or herbal formula. 30 minute care checks can be done in person or over the phone, and cost $35, plus the cost of herbs.

Herbal House Call – An herbal house call is a home visit from an herbalist when you or your family members feel too sick or are in too much pain to go out of the house. House calls are for acute situations only. An herbalist will take a comprehensive look at your symptoms and formulate an herbal protocol. A visit costs $100-200 sliding scale, plus the cost of herbs.

Somatic Experiencing Advanced Level Sessions – Jocelyn is trained at the Advanced level of Somatic Experiencing which is taught in three tiers. As an advanced practitioner, Jocelyn has completed all of the Somatic Experiencing trainings and is working towards completing the requirements for her SEP. Somatic experiencing sessions work to build your own body awareness, nervous system resilience, repair boundary ruptures, and reduce triggers. These sessions, lasting one hour are being offered on a sliding scale $20-65. To schedule a session, please send an email to Jocelyn at uma@wildcherries.org.

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The Wild Cherries Herbal Studies Program

We offer an Intro to Herbal Medicine three-season, 108-hour weekend herbal intensive exploring health, resilience and the plant world. The program incorporates medicine making and herbal knowledge with botany and field work, based on a foundation of social justice and decolonization. We are very excited to be able to offer some scholarship positions for folks of color, indigenous, and trans and non-binary students. We also offer some work-trade positions and payment plans. More about the Wild Cherries Herbal Studies Program

* Our 2024 program is now full! *
We’ll start taking applications for 2025 sometime in the fall. Sign up for our mailing list to be notified!

Who We Are

Michelle Soto is a fashion forward herbalist, educator, gardener and dog lover. She runs Cutting Root Apothecary and Farm, a medicinal herb and flower farm in Butler, PA. Her dream for Cutting Root is to match the plants she cultivates with the people who need them. Whether a bouquet of flowers, a beloved medicinal for your own garden, or a personalized tincture, she wants to help make plants accessible. She is committed to strengthening our community’s health by offering herbal medicine to those for whom alternative health practice might be out of reach. She takes a harm reductionist approach, including diet, nutrition, and lifestyle changes and uses alternative methodology such as reiki, focusing and meditation in her practice. She is a trained doula, reiki level one master, and community organizer.

Jocelyn Kirkwood is a community herbalist offering sliding scale herbal consultations, Somatic Experiencing Sessions, classes and plant walks with the Stonefruit Collective. Jocelyn specializes in working with pain, mental health, chronic conditions and first aid. For over a decade she has volunteered her time at numerous free clinics around the country including the Lake Effect Free Alternative Health Clinic, the Three Rivers Free Clinic For the People and the Stone Cabin Collective. Jocelyn loves brandishing her loupe in the forests of PA squealing at the snowflaked patterns of the Miterwort flower in early spring. She has studied herbs formally at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine and The Well Of Indigenous Wisdom School, and continues to grow her knowledge through self-study and intensives. Jocelyn believes that people can be empowered in their health care through the use of herbal medicine.

A photo of Vilde chaya nestled into a rubber tree

Vilde Chaya Fenster-Ehrlich is happiest laying in a damp, cushy patch of self-heal, or salty and wet and covered in seaweeds, consorting with her motley klatch of house plants or disappearing into the crooks and folds of an ancient cottonwood or sycamore or turkey oak. She loves to play games of make-believe and invention, or pour over research studies for hours, or find just the right name for a potion, make it sing with one more unexpected ingredient. She loves turning school into play and games into rituals, making high art and low jokes in powerpoints, pausing to breathe with someone and watch the movement of water. Vilde was taught about botany and medicine making by 7Song, and studied advanced therapeutics and clinical skills with Betsy Bancroft, Larken Bunce and Guido Masé. She lives somewhere in Western so-called Massachusetts and teaches throughout the northeast and rust belt. Her work is increasingly centered on conjuring honey-sweet spaces of joy, realness and holding for her darling trans community, to whom she is indebted.

Upcoming Workshops

Stonefruit Community Herbalists offer classes and workshops  We have experience teaching herbalists, community members, people in various health fields, college students and children. Our workshops aim to be accessible to all, to address individual needs in the audience, and to deepen our understanding and connections to plants and plant medicine.  

Upcoming Workshops

Nothing scheduled right now. Please check back later! <3

Details about Upcoming Workshops

Out-of-Town Classes

Details about Upcoming Workshops

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If you would like to book us for a class or workshop, please be in touch. We love bringing our workshops to you and can tailor each class to your audience, time frame and topic. We have a number of workshops prepared, and are happy to develop a workshop specifically for your group.